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Getting top-of-the-line siding is essential for homeowners in our area. Simply give us a call today at 631-398-5807 today and allow our team to help you grow. We can design and redevelop your property to your goals.


Our team offers a top-of-the-line solution to your siding needs. Lou's offers top-of-the-line siding to homeowners in our service area and more. We go above and beyond to provide quality services to all of our customers! We hope we have the opportunity to provide you the same services that you and your family desire!


About Lou's Eterior

At Lou's Exterior Remodeling we don't shy away from exceeding homeowners expectations all while saving them money. We install high quality material, unparalleled craftsmanship at affordable prices and leading industry warranties. We are Lic & Ins HI-62602

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